Strength Review

Have you received additional National Lottery Community Fund Reaching Communities funding to conduct an independent ‘strength review’?

If so, we have adapted an Organisational Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT), a comprehensive framework for a strength review. The OCAT looks at internal processes as well as external linkages (see below).

Over a couple of intensive days using this tool, we can help highlight the strengths of your organisation. We will also identify areas where improvements could be made.

The output of the review is a report, summarising the findings of the OCAT. It will recommend how you should spend the additional National Lottery’s reaching communities money to build lasting improvements to your organisation.

Get in touch for further information.

Internal Processes

  • Organisational Vision and Purpose
  • Strategic Plan or Framework
  • Board composition and functioning
  • Leadership
  • Decision making
  • Organisation structure
  • Management
  • Financial control
  • Understanding of finance and budgeting
  • Financial resource base

External Linkages

  • Analysis of the external environment
  • Participation
  • Effectiveness of work undertaken
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Marketing and external communication
  • External relationships
  • Negotiations
  • Influence
  • Innovation
  • Learning Culture