Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

A monitoring and evaluation framework is a key component of success. nVision Consulting can help you develop or improve the way in which you monitor your performance and learn from evaluation. We can run workshop for you which would typically cover:

  • Theory of change

Take time to reflect on what you have achieved.

  • Understanding need
  • Being clear about your aim?
  • What change do you want to achieve (your outcome)?
  • What are you going to do in order to achieve that change (your activities)?
  • How are you going to monitor and measure the success of your activities (your outputs)?
  • How are you going to monitor and measure your desired change (outcomes)?
  • Have you had the overall impact you desire?

At the end of a typical workshop you should have enough information to complete your own monitoring and evaluation framework. Further support can be provided as necessary.

You should be in a better position to successfully apply for grants as well as having a better understanding of what you are doing well and less well.

At a later stage you may want to do a self assessment of your performance. Or you may be required by your funder to commission an independent assessment. We can help you with this.


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