Independent Assessment

Many organisations that give significant grants require an independent assessment / evaluation of the way in which you have used the grant or a self assessment. They want to know

Success: how do you know how well you've done?

  • whether you have achieved the outcomes you aspired to when seeking the grant
  • how you achieved the outcomes
  • what you have learned from the experience


And if the grant is for core project purposes they will also want to know how the organisation has developed over the grant period.

Whilst you will have been expected to monitor progress and evaluate your performance as the period of the grant elapses, you may find it particularly beneficial to have an independent assessor come in and conduct an evaluation, help focus your learning and come up with some recommendations that will help you do even better in the future.

It may be that one of the things you learn is that your monitoring and evaluation needs improving. We can help you develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation framework.


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