Can I help your charity deliver improved services in this challenging financial climate?

A CEO of a local Gloucestershire charity that has just won 3 significant contracts recently said to me

When times are tough, the competition is tougher – and PQASSO gives you an edge.

Why might PQASSO be suitable for you?

  • PQASSO will give your organisation an increased chance of winning contracts or attracting grants
  • PQASSO can demonstrate evidence for many of the elements required in PQQs including governance
  • Charitable Trusts giving grants are increasingly asking for assurance around quality – and the PQASSO report can be used
  • Some local authority contracts require an appropriate quality standard – PQASSO gives local authority additional confidence, and enables them to rely on an independent report when they themselves are strapped for resources.

PQASSO is, therefore,”hugely valuable” and “a good organisation does most of the stuff required by PQASSO anyway.”

Other benefits include:

  • Enables more effective and more efficient organisational systems and procedures
  • Results in better quality of services for users
  • Assesses performance against agreed standards
  • Promotes continuous improvement over time
  • Supports organisational learning
  • Promotes more creative thinking, enabling new perspectives and ways of working
  • Provides a health check of organisation and opportunity for quick wins
  • Improves communication among staff, trustees and volunteers
  • Improves motivation for staff, trustees and volunteers

In short, implementing PQASSO should enable your organisation to deliver even better services to your users and beneficiaries.

As a Charities Evaluation Services licensed PQASSO mentor I can offer you support as you do a PQASSO self assessment or prepare to apply for the external PQASSO Quality Mark which now has Charity Commission endorsement at all three levels as meeting the Hallmarks of an Effective Charity.

For further information, or an initial free consultation, contact me or ring 07891 664046.