With immediate effect NCVO has renamed PQASSO to Trusted Charity with the PQASSO Quality Mark becoming known as the Trusted Charity Mark.

It is probably true that the public’s trust in charities is much lower than it has been, and NCVO believes that achieving a recognisable quality mark that demonstrates that Trusted Charities are well run, accountable and transparent is an important part of demonstrating high standards.

NCVO believes that the new brand makes a clearer link between high standards and trustworthiness than the old acronym PQASSO. In addition, NCVO are in the process of getting the quality mark endorsed by the UK’s accreditation service, further emphasising the value of the standard and the confidence that it should give the public, Commissioners and funders alike.

Whilst this must be seen as a positive move by NVCO, it seems to me to be a shame that the quality mark will not be available to organisations that aren’t registered as charities but nonetheless play a crucial part in maintaining the voluntary sector and need some framework for ensuring good governance.