The recent NCVO charity poll have just been published. The highlights, provided by NCVO are:

Here’s a quick snapshot from the results:Do you expect your organisation to increase or decrease expenditure over the next 12 months? (results are sorted by organisational annual income)
As a whole the results tell much the same story as in previous quarters, with a slight increase in the proportion of people responding that their organisation’s general situation will improve or stay the same over the next 12 months.However, when we break the results down by income band, we can see that the apparent trend towards a ‘squeezed middle’ among small and medium charities continues. 15% of small organisations expect that they will decrease expenditure over the next 12 months, despite 0% of respondents anticipating a decrease in service provision. This suggests that many smaller organisations are facing the prospect of providing the same or higher levels of service despite having fewer resources. We’re finding that across our research, aggregate figures are masking the difficulties that small and medium-sized charities are experiencing.Only 7% of medium sized organisations anticipate that the economic conditions in the voluntary sector will be positive in the next year, compared to an average of 13%. On a positive note, there has been a slight increase in optimism in general, largely due to high levels of optimism among micro and large sized organisations.

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