I am very pleased and proud to announce that on 21st June 2012, which co-incidentally is one of my daughters’ birthday, the Charities Evaluation Services (CES) informed me that I had passed the PQASSO Mentor exams and have therefore been licensed by CES as a PQASSO mentor. This means that I am now available to offer support to charities of all sizes as they consider using or use PQASSO as a quality standard to improve their overall effectiveness as organisations and seek to deliver better outcomes.

This exciting development is entirely consistent with my intentions is starting nVision Consulting which aims to play its part in helping the social sector, and charities in particular, become more efficient and effective in their chosen areas.

More detailed information about PQASSO is available on the CES website, but essentially PQASSO is a quality standard designed by the charity sector specifically for the charity sector. The standard, which has three levels, covers all aspects of an organisation – planing, governance, leadership and management, user-centred service, managing people, learning and development, managing money, managing resources, communications and promotion, working with others, monitoring and evaluation, and results. It is written in generic terms so that it can be used flexibly by all types of third sector organisations, including charities, social enterprises, community interest companies and community groups.

PQASSO was first developed in 1997, and since then has helped large and small organisations to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. It is basically a self assessment tool which allows organisations to work at their own pace. However, organisations can additionally apply for the PQASSO Quality Mark, a nationally recognised award endorsed by the Charity Commission that offers users as well as commissioners and funders external verification of the quality and credibility of an organisation.

If you would like me to help you work towards a level of the PQASSO standard or to discuss further what PQASSO can do for you, please contact me to discuss how I can help.

Regular blogs on a range of related subjects by Barrie and guests will begin in late July.