At an event today, attended by Nick Hurd (the Minister for Civil Society), two new impact measurement tools were launched by the Inspiring Impact coalition.

The first is called Measuring up and is an on-line self assessment tool. It is intended to be used by organisations in the Voluntary and Community Sector to review their impact practice and therefore be in a better position to make improvements.

The Charities Evaluation Services, one of the partners of Inspiring Impact, and also developer of the excellent PQASSO Quality Standard that you will have heard me talk much about, state that:

The tool can be used by those who have just begun thinking about their impact or who have some experience and want to improve. It gives you an accurate and detailed picture of where your impact practice is going well, and where it could be improved. Completing the self-assessment will generate a report outlining your strengths and weaknesses across each area. You can then download an action plan and search for resources and tools through the Inspiring Impact Hub to help your organisation improve.

The Impact Hub is a great source of guidance, information and tools that you can put into practice, and I would strongly recommend you tap into this resource if you are at all interested in understanding impact and improving your impact practice.