It is not enough to be compassionate – you must act – The Dalai Lama

About you

        • Are you responsible for running a charitable organisation?
        • Do you want help improving the quality of what you do, or winning more contacts / getting more funding?
        • Would you benefit from an improved understanding of how well you are achieving your charitable objectives, or need an independent review of your performance?
        • Finally, do any of the following words ring any bells?

Key words relating to your charity.

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Our Mission

            • Based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, we provide management consultancy support to, in particular, smaller organisations in the Voluntary and Community Sector who do not typically receive strategic consultancy advice, both in the UK and in developing countries.

Our Services

            • We can provide personal consultancy support in a wide range of strategic and tactical areas.
            • This will enable you to think strategically about the bigger picture and, where appropriate, help you find ways of solving your current issues.
            • We would expect to have a short-term involvement with your organisation, and leave you with the capability to deliver long-term improvements.
            • Whether you are concerned about large-scale organisational change, team building or personal development issues, we are here to help you with bespoke support targeting your unique requirements.
            • If you are looking to improve the quality of your organisation, we now include PQASSO Mentoring as licensed by the NCVO.
            • If you need to develop or improve your monitoring and evaluation, or if you need an independent assessment (including a strength review) for your funder (or for your own benefit), we now include these services.
            • We have over 30 years experience that you will find essential in achieving your personal or corporate goals.

Our Values

            • The values by which we run the business are:
              • Positive Impact – our aim is to make a positive impact in the local community, and our services are ultimately aimed at seeing lives changed for the better. We will do this primarily by supporting organisations working in the Voluntary and Community Sector and helping them make a direct impact in the community. We understand and embrace the ripple effect – we know our positive impact will be multiplied many times over.
              • Integrity – is fundamental to success. If we can’t help you we will tell you and, wherever possible, suggest someone who can.
              • Value – our services will provide value in return for your investment of time and money. Where appropriate, we will provide some services pro bono.
              • Respect – we will treat you with the respect you would wish; it is your business and we will join with you in seeking your success. The support we provide will help you do better what you do best. Where the relationship really works we will learn as much from you as you will from us.
              • Challenge – we will challenge you in a fair and open way to give you the maximum opportunity of achieving your goals.
              • Excellence – leads to satisfaction.

Introducing Barrie Wyatt

            • Barrie Wyatt is a PQASSO Quality Mentor, based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and licensed by NCVO (The National Council for Voluntary Organisations). He is also chair of trustees at GAVCA (Gloucestershire Association for Voluntary and Community Action).
            • Barrie, a qualified NLP Practitioner, has been working in the VCS since taking early retirement in 2011. His goal is to use the skills he developed over his career in the public sector for the benefit of the community, by supporting both trustees and staff of charities.

Our Clients

            • Please go to our clients page to see which organisations we have had the privilege of working with, and also to read what they have to say about our services.

If you would like to discus how we can help you, please ring Barrie on 07891 664046 or email barrie@nvisionconsulting.co.uk You can also link with Barrie on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (@barriewyatt), and Google+