Strategy Development

Do you know where you are heading as a charity? Do you understand the factors that will influence your pathway to success, both positive and negative? And do you know what you have to do to achieve your aims? In short, do you have a clear strategy which makes it clear how you will achieve success, however you define success?

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But one simple framework you could use might be:

Context and Environment

  • What is your organisation like? What are its resources, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, competencies? What makes your charity unique?
  • What is your environment like? What is changing and how is it likely to impact what you do?
  • Who are your users and stakeholders and how will you meet their needs?
  • Who are your competitors and are there organisations you might collaborate with rather than compete against?

Strategic Options

  • What are your options that would enable you to achieve your aims?
  • What opportunities are open to you and what are the threats you face?
  • How can you solve any problems you have identified?

Evaluating and Selecting Strategic Options

  • How does each of the options stack up against the contextual factors identified earlier? What are their positive and negative consequences, including financial ones?
  • Choose the optimum strategic option, checking against vision, mission, values and culture, and adjust where appropriate.

And, then the hard work starts! Implement your strategy where business planning is essential and tools like the balanced scorecard could be very helpful. And remember, if you need support with any of this please get in touch.


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